The San Francisco Chronicle: High Tea Has Marin Abuzz

“Pick a teacup that speaks to you,” said Chelsey McKrill, pointing to a table filled with boldly patterned antique teacups and saucers in every color of the rainbow.

Last month, about three dozen women met for a high tea in the backyard of a private home in downtown Mill Valley. This high tea, however, had nothing to do with altitude or a clever nod to British tradition, though there were trays of elegant finger sandwiches and raised pinky fingers.

Instead, it was one of a small handful of parties that Kikoko, a newly launched line of cannabis-infused organic teas, has hosted in the Bay Area in recent months. With its micro-dosed products — specifically targeted to appeal to the female sensibility by offering help with issues related to insomnia, loss of libido and pain relief — the company hopes to expand its customer base one cup at a time.