The East Hampton Star: David Netto At Home in Amagansett

Most interior designers meticulously arrange their clients’ houses before being photographed, spending hours fluffing pillows, folding towels, and filling each room with vases of freshly cut flowers. But when the camera recently turned on his own house, which is hexagonal and sits on stilts on the oceanfront in Amagansett, David Netto, an interior designer and writer, rearranged not a thing, leaving his bed partly unmade and the contents of his overnight bag strewn about. 

“My style is all about real life,” said Mr. Netto, who resists the sanitized photographs in glossy shelter magazines, where houses now look more like movie sets than actual places where people live. “In my house, it’s a portrait of who I want to be at the beach with my wife.”

When Mr. Netto first bought the house, in 2006, he was looking for something he had sought since childhood, when he first dreamed of living on the ocean. Though he grew up spending the summer in East Hampton at a house on Cottage Avenue, he was drawn to the Amagansett house, not because of its eccentric hexagonal shape — which he figured he’d eventually tear down — but because of its close proximity to the Atlantic.